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Refocused on Search & Discovery

Last Fall just days after we launched a FriendFeed via IM service, FriendFeed turned on their own native IM interface. You may have concluded from our inactivity since then that we’ve since shelved plans to expand the service. You’re right. We’re happy to see FriendFeed provide this functionality natively, and have been shifting our focus.

A little over a week ago, FriendFeed launched a new beta version of their site, with an emphasis on real-time interaction and including new features like filters and direct messages.

We’re working on new, complementary tools for search & discovery that take advantage of some of the new features. If you’re a FriendFeed user, over the next few days you may receive a notice that we’re following you and see that the number of users we follow is growing rapidly. The more active, interesting users we follow, the better the new engine will perform.

Stay tuned.

Service Restored

We’ve resolved the issues with our XMPP server and Enjit is back online.

You may also see improved stability and more accurate presence info after this restart.

Thank you for your patience.


Service Outage

The service is down right now. We’re having some problems with our XMPP server. It’s not hardware… just a configuration issues… so it shouldn’t take long to resolve.

Enjit Status - 11/07/2008

Thanks to everyone who’s been trying the service, providing feedback, and keeping us up-to-date on bugs and performance issues over at GetSatisfaction.

Last night we had some sort of DNS problem that took the service down, and there were subsequent issues around XMPP presence. Specifically, the service wasn’t publishing it’s presence properly and was ignoring commands.

We’ve pushed fixes for a number of issues over the last 48hrs:

  • You should no longer see duplicate messages
  • Entries from imaginary friends should display properly
  • Posting in UTF should be working properly now

We’re still trying to resolve all the issues around entries missing from the feed, although we’ve pushed fixes that appear to have helped in this regard.

This all goes to address Item #1 on the What’s Next list from Wednesday. You should see more items from that list roll out over the next few days.

Thanks again for your interest and support!


What’s Next?

In no particular order, some of the things we’re working on:

  • Stability and Reliability (ok, that really is #1)
  • Select which lists (Home, Personal, Professional, etc) you’d like to follow
  • Select rooms you’d like to follow
  • Select users you’d like to follow
  • Issue like and hide commands from your IM client
  • Track!


Duplicate Items Issue

Last night while the service was stuck in a loop, some users may have tried to add their FriendFeed credentials more than once. This created multiple feeds for some users, and today those users were seeing duplicates of every item.

We’ve cleaned this extra feeds out of the database, and everything should be normal again.

We’re Back!

We’ve fixed a bug, FriendFeed has reset our API limits, and we’re back.

The term “beta” is thrown around so often these days that perhaps we should’ve called this “alpha”. There’s a very low cap on the number of users right now, which we’ll be easing up as capacity and stability allows. If you try to sign up for the service and it tells you there’s no space available, you don’t need to do anything further. Your JID has been registered with our XMPP server, and we’ll send you a message when there’s more space. We’ll try to add accounts in the order in which you signed up.

Thanks for your patience.


Update on the API Limit Issue

We’re in contact with FriendFeed, working to resolve the API issue. We hope to be back online shortly. Thanks for your patience!


We’ve hit FriendFeed’s API Limit

Time to deal with the first major “beta” issue… Not long after Steve Gillmor wrote about Enjit on TechCrunchIT, users started seeing a stream of error messages as we seem to have hit FriendFeed’s API call limits. We’ll work with FriendFeed to resolve this as quickly and possible, but the service is offline in the mean time. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest in enjit, and for helping us test the service!


We’re Live!

Enjit is an IM service that connects your Gtalk/XMPP/Jabber client to your FriendFeed real time feed. The service is in very early “beta”, and we’re limiting the number of users as we scale up our capacity. If you’re interested in the service, go ahead and sign up and we’ll message you over IM as we have space available.

For sign-up instructions, check out